Sunday, September 29, 2013


Ciao! It’s been roughly a month since we first landed here in Firenze. Time seems to both be standing still and flying by. Florence has quickly revealed it’s beauties and faults such as it’s beautiful architecture and fresh veggies and fruits as well as it’s awful wifi connection which almost made it impossible to post this, hah, and the fact that my cat and loved ones are roughly 4083 miles away. It’s hard to find the right words to explain the process of being emerged in a completely new country and lifestyle. It’s something I think everyone just has to experience on their own. The process of getting accustom to a new culture is slightly different for everyone and I can already tell, without a doubt - life changing. Of course, I’m here to get an education abroad and a new perspective on learning other than the traditional classroom style approach we are used to from UConn. However, I think studying abroad is worth much more than that (despite the fact that I’ve had my fair share of home sick moments hah). More so, I truly think it’s a time for not only cultural discovery but self discovery. I’ve already learned so much about myself and that it really doesn’t matter where you are in the world, but who you are with, whom you care about, the memories you create, and the happiness you embody and share. 

In addition, I can gladly say I wouldn’t have picked a better bunch of art students to have traveled with to experience the beauty not only Florence has, but all of Europe has. The studio art kids have quickly embodied a family structure in which I think many of us have made not only potential artistic partners or peers but life long friends. I’m looking forward to not only growing as an artist, or student, but as a friend, and an independent, even more adventurous individual. With September winding down, who knows what October has in store for us all, but that's also the beauty in it.
Let the Adventures begin!

Adventures: So far – Pisa, Lucca, Venice, Chianti, Cinque Terre, and Piazza MichelAngelo.
What’s in store – Oktoberfest, Berlin, Amsterdam, Barcelona, Paris, Rome, Vienna, Salisbury,  Budapest, Ireland and potentially more!

View from Piazza MichelAngelo.

Troy and the adorable puppy we met at the top of Piazza MichelAngelo.

Casually found out by our art history professor that Michelangelo's body was in front of us. You can imagine how intensely surprised and excited everyone was.

Art students taking over Pisa!

Hiking at the beautiful Cinque Terre. 

Private Ferry in Venice.

Sarah Sze represents the US at the Biennale in Venice. Absolutely mind blowing.

Chianti wine tasting trip with all the students of ISI Florence.

Photography class during one of the first weeks here in Florence.

Chloe, Laurel, Nicole and me at Vogue Fashion Night out. 

The view from Cinque Terre. The first time I have ever been swimming in the Mediterranean. The water was unbelievably blue and way warmer than what I'm used to back in the Northeast part of the US.  

Monday, September 9, 2013

Ciao Firenze

Ciao- e arrivato in Italia!  UCONN Fall 2014 Studio Art Study Abroad has arrived in Italy! We've been here for almost two weeks and we've hit the ground running enjoying everything this beautiful city has to offer; and we're just getting started. Over the next four months, check in on this blog and read what the students are sharing about their experiences and photos from Florence and their travels throughout Europe. This is a great group and they're already exploring this breathtaking city, its art, light, history and amazing food- if you're been here you know what I mean. Here's a sampling of our first few classes, out on the streets, in Florence Italy, enjoy! Professor Deborah Dancy