Sunday, October 24, 2010

Americans : We Are Taking Over

If you are somewhat interested in studying abroad, it's very likely you have asked students who have studied abroad about their experiences. I'm almost positive you heard many of the same responses. Typically you'll hear everything from "the best life decision I've made", to "I grew so much culturally, emotionally..", and even to "the wine is cheaper than the water". Now, being a student abroad for almost 2 months I can relate somewhat to those familiar phrases. However, not a single thing or experience I share with you on this blog will ever, remotely even begin to inform you of my life as an italian citizen. Every experience I shared with my peers has effected every single one of us uniquely. I can't tell you about what life is like as a student abroad but i can share helpful tips. Be open. Be bold. Be emotionally ready. You get out of this trip as much as you give. I hope my pictures speak more than I could about how life changes when you accept to fully integrate into another culture. Till then I salute you with a nice bottle of chianti wine in my hands and hope you consider this program.

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