Thursday, September 6, 2012

Drawing along the Arno, near the Piazza Goldini

Here we are, in Florence Italy--Firenze. We've been here for almost ten days, and I think we're all adjusted now,  despite a little inconvenient jet lag. After the first few days of new sounds, sensations,  hot and humid temperatures, I think we're all pretty well settled in.  Yes, we still get lost, but we're walking the city every day and learning our way, even though we're distracted by shops, markets, windows full of food; rustic breads, divine cheeses, and amazingly gelati in every flavor under the sun, we persevere. Oh and of course, I haven't even mentioned the art.

So far, the students spent Monday day doing basic color studios and mixing at our studio on Via del Moro.  On Wednesday we took to the streets, in the middle of vespas, bicycles, cars, buses, sirens tourists and Florentines to draw on site.

We plunked ourselves down in the Plazza Goldini and along the Arno.  Piazzo Goldini is so named after a famous Venetian playwright whose statue is prominently displayed there.

Here are the students hard at work, clearly focused on putting those basic drawing skills to the test.

As for me, I'll be working in my studio while streaming my new favorite Italian jazz station.

More posting later from students, until then...ciao

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