Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Ciao Ragazzi Belli!

Ciao mi amici! Come va?  I am here writing from Florence, Italy in my last month of studying abroad.  Let me start by how amazing of an opportunity I have had to come here.  Not everyone gets a chance to study overseas and so I am very thankful of this matter.  I really hope that if you ever get the chance to study in a different country that you take it no matter where it is, although I do recommend choosing Florence.

With a month left on my trip I have become very sad that this awesome journey in my life is coming to an end.  Since fall break, where I travelled to London, Amsterdam, and Ireland, time has been moving very quickly.  I have been making sure to make the best of all my time and appreciate every moment I have whether it is sitting through the art history of Florence at 9AM or going to the grocery store to pick up food.

Upon first arriving I was nervous and had no idea what to expect of my time here.  I did not know that I was going to be having the time of my life meeting awesome strangers and friends for life.  Living in the city center is something that I could already relate with because I am from New York City.  It has been very interesting for me seeing how another city works, especially one that has way more history than my own.  There is no Metro which is a huge difference but it makes sense because the city is relatively small and walking around to get places is never a problem, especially when there are so many beautiful sites to see.  Even the architecture of all the buildings is wonderful because many of them have sculptural designs making every building unique in its own way.

I am very interested in seeing what I will feel and how my perspective on life will change when I return to the states.  I for see it as being sad at first that I have left Florence but I am going to try and change my attitude to happiness because of the wonderful chance and experiences that I had overseas.

Here is a link to a stop motion video that I have created over looking the Arno, which is the main river that runs through Florence, hope you enjoy!


I am going to end on the note that if anyone chooses to study overseas you really have to make sure you embrace yourself in the culture and that you try everything that you would not be exposed to at home. Step out of your boundaries because although it can be uncomfortable it becomes worth it in the end.  Try your best to speak the language of the people and even try learning before your arrival (would have really helped if i followed this).  Also, try and make local friends because then you really can get a sense of the City and what the contemporary view of the city is.  I have made local friends here that I hope to have for life and will welcome into my home at any point in life.

Thanks for your time =D
enjoy some pictures from around Florence as well.
ciao ciao

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