Friday, September 25, 2015


We are officially done with our fourth week of classes here in Florence and I must say it has been an interesting journey already! From figuring out which is the best grocery store, to figuring out directions from one building to the other, to communicating with an Italian hairdresser on how to cut your hair.  These are the little things on our trip that contribute to our incredible study abroad experience.

The program has a unique set up, which allows you to learn in a completely different way than we are used to back home. Many, if not all, of our classes are on-site. We have had maybe one drawing/painting class in the studio! In Photography and Art History, we visit museums, squares and different streets in Florence one day of the week and the other day, we are in the classroom. The classes here really incorporate the Italian lifestyle, which helps you immerse with Italian culture.

All that I have seen in textbooks of the architecture in Italy does not even compare with seeing it in person. The buildings, cathedrals and statues amaze me each day I pass them. Even being here for almost 4 weeks, I feel like I keep discovering new things. Since texting and walking is not common here, you have the chance to really observe and notice new things, even when walking the same route every day.

“Italy is Eatily”. Of all my experiences, this sentence sums it up the best. I can’t get over how incredible the food is here. Gelato, croissants, pizza, the cappuccinos! Shopping for fruits and vegetables in the markets might just actually be on my top 5 favorite activities to do in Florence. The variety is amazing, but the taste is even better! However, buying groceries every day here has definitely been something I have been getting used to.

Although I am very excited to be here, I feel like it is going by so fast! My teachers have already all distributed the format for midterms, which means it is almost half way! I am looking forward to learning all that I can while I am here, as well as traveling as much as possible in the time that is left. I can’t wait to reflect on my experience in my next blog post. Ciao for now!

Peggy Guggenheim Museum in Venice, Italy

Jackson Pollack's paint brushes and paint cans on display

St. Mark's Basilica in Venice, Italy 

San Gimignano 

Sketching in Boboli Gardens  

Studying with a beautiful view of the Duomo in Biblioteca delle Oblate

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