Sunday, September 26, 2010

The Need to Coalesce

Buildings looming, streets turning nothing is the same but a sense of false familiarity allows for function in its basic form. Life is perceivably gridded, sequenced, mapped, people flow in unison, patterned. they have a familiar rhythm a routine. We do not. We have stepped into the current and forced them around us, bending their lives to ours or is it us bending for them as our old routines slowly ware away. we have been handed an idea, loose parameters. We search for the lines, the our, the tangible, the stable. we come from individuality, self identity, revolt, rebellion and now we strive to coalesce. We need to know before we can think, to ground ourselves before we can move. We want to know the absolutes, the always, the expected so that we can start again to form our sense of identity within this grid, to diverge from this, or embrace it.

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  1. Good post! And great photos- I really sense this place.