Monday, October 28, 2013

Florence, Italy -Chloe Griffasi

Even though I am only half way done with the semester abroad I have learned so much. One thing I have learned is how ones culture greatly affects how one matures. Before I studied abroad I was used to being around people that lived in similar areas to me, had the same childhood, went though the same education system etc. However, now abroad, I am meeting people from Australia, China, California, and Texas etc. When talking to them I gain a new insight on their upbringing; I learn about their environments, how they were brought up, their education, their favorite music, what they see as appropriate/inappropriate and so much more. From talking to all these different people I realize that ones culture shapes one to who he/she is. For an example, my friend from Korea told me that because there education system is so strict there is no time or importance to socialize with others. Therefore, people coming from Korea may be more closed off to others. However in America there is an even balance of achieving a good education along with having friends. With all of the support I have with my friends I can’t imagine how life would be without them.

With such diverse cultures in the world there are numerous differences between individuals. Therefore it is important is be open to everyone’s outlook on life. By being open to others you can learn more about them and the world that you live in, which makes you a well-rounded individual. Before I left for Florence all of this knowledge seemed obvious, but from now experiencing it I have a better understanding.

Chloe Griffasi

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