Monday, November 23, 2015

Less Than 3 Weeks Away Ragazzi!

My last post I had shared was about my experience 3 weeks into the program. Now there's less than 3  weeks left! Everyone had told me that studying abroad will go by so fast and I can’t emphasize how fast it really does. 

Being busy with classes makes time fly really fast. The drawing/painting class has been interesting, as it allows us to explore new places in Florence, even two months in. We have had some weekly assignments that I have enjoyed very much. We are given an assignment with very little direction but it forces us to explore and create in a very unique way. We had our first critique in the class which was super helpful as it helped us all. It was also a great opportunity to see work done by our classmates. 

We are done with our cultural literacy workshop class. Last week we had to make a group video project about our experiences in Italy so far. This was so much fun, as our video highlighted the amazing food culture here. I enjoyed this because a few of us from the studio arts program have been having family dinners every other week with students from the other programs and so for our video, we made pasta! We all met up and made fresh pasta! Fresh pasta meaning a pasta maker, eggs, flour and a lot of teamwork. This was one of the many experiences that I will miss back home. It  allows us to meet new people and every week we do something new. 

 I finally got the hang of the pace here in Italy and know it will be hard re-adjusting in America. I love how relaxed everyone is here. My friends and I have definitely enjoyed this, as we spend a lot of time together especially during dinner and when we go out to bars. Traveling is also an example of changing the pace because although we only have weekends to travel, I don’t feel stressed traveling for such a short amount of time. You learn to enjoy the little things during the moment instead of planning too far in the future.

I know these next few weeks are going to be bittersweet. Though the holiday time is making me miss my family and home, I know that when I get home I will be missing my routine in Florence.

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