Thursday, November 3, 2011


Last week, some friends and I went on a cruise around the Mediterranean for fall break. It was a blast; a great way to travel and experience different cultures in the world. My favorite place we went to was Turkey. I never had any ambition to go to Turkey but I am glad that I did. Coming to Florence was my first time experiencing a new culture that was so different from America, and Turkey was just another level on top of that. I only had a day to explore Kusadasi, Turkey, but in the time I was there I saw a completely different part of the world I have never seen before. Here are some pictures from our journey:

Every country likes Coca Cola!

The Kusadasi "Grand Bazaar". A line of many Turkish shops.

Climbing up the steep streets of Turkey.

There were a lot of cats in Kusadasi.

Some street cats picking through a dumpster.

A view from atop part of Kusadasi, Turkey

We hiked to the highest point we could easily find, and the view was extremely rewarding especially when we got to hear the Muslim prayer time song echo through the city.

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