Saturday, November 26, 2011

Sketch Crawl Saturday!

Today we went on a sketch crawl. It was a really nice time and I'm super glad I went. (If you didn't go you totally missed out on free pizza.) First we took a stroll through the Costume Gallery. I posted a few fun, simple drawings of some of the dresses I saw as we walked around. At the end of the gallery they had the actual clothes that Cosimo de Medici was buried in on display. Then, since it was so nice outside we all decided to go hang out in the Boboli Gardens and climb this huge wall. I also posted another fun, simple drawing I did of the Boboli Gardens. Afterwards, we went to a nearby restaurant and ate the pizza you missed out on. Then, after enjoying a really free meal, some of us went back and took a look at the Gallery of Modern Art. The sheer amount of art in the gallery was completely awesome. Overall, it was a very good day.

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