Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Don't Make me go home!

It is the last week of our study abroad program. The time flew by so fast.  I remember freshman year, sitting in drawing 1, talking to a bunch of girls in my class. We all talked about the excitement of going abroad. Now I can say those girls are some of my best friends and roommates, here in florence. It is crazy to think how fast my college experience is going.

I Loved traveling to different countries! My favorite country was Switzerland. The Views looked like a screen savor. I went paragliding and had the best hot coco. The weekend traveling enhanced my love of Europe. I saw so many great sights and museums. The food In Europe is amazing.

Overall, This trip was the experience of a lifetime. I have an appreciation for a European city. Florence is now a second home to me. I hope to return as soon as I can. Abroad has made me a stronger and more independent person. I love Florence and would recommend studying here!

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