Thursday, December 27, 2012

Ciao Ciao from Jamie Girolamo

After being home for almost a week I have found it harder to adjust to coming back to America then it was to adjust to Italy. The coffee is watery and people talk too much. My mother rushes around like her tail is on fire and I want to inject a large amount of morphine into her blood stream so she would slow down just a little.
I am appreciating the experiences I have had and the friends I have made during my time abroad more and more each day. We already have a Facebook group and post funny memories from our time abroad, they were funny when they happened, they are funny now, and they will be funny in twenty years. No matter where we all go in life those memories tie us to each other, they will bring us together one day to laugh and to look back on the time when we were young, wild, and free dancing through the streets of Florence, disrespecting all kinds of historical monuments.
I have realized that I am now the best story teller in town; people come from miles around to hear me speak. Really though, it is funny the things people find so interesting because after spending four months abroad those things were a part of your everyday life. Telling about these experiences helps me appreciate them and it helps me learn from them. Study abroad has turned me into a more enhanced, appreciative, rational version of myself. Thank you to everyone who made my experience what it was. I could not have asked for a better group of people to have traveled with. We formed a family they will continue to thrive in Storrs, we formed an artistic community of our own that supports, encourages and loves; for this I am nothing but grateful. Ciao Ciao.

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