Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Set Sail

During my time studying abroad, I along with 13 other friends went on one of the worlds biggest cruises to Sicily, Crete, Athens, and Turkey. This experience is filled with so many memories that i will cherish for my whole life. The whole trip brought us closer together and made us feel like a family. Having dinner all together every night, sight seeing together, and of course all the activities we did on the ship. 

In Sicily, the boys went on our own and stumbled into the very bad part of town, we did find enjoyment by dancing at the top of the town. In Crete we swam in the crystal water. Athens had its beautiful historic sites, and in Turkey, did a little bit of shopping.

What i have learned from that trip is that the best memories you make are with those happiest and closest to you, and in this case, my newest of friends in Italy.

By Robert Sargent

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